22 November 2018

Upon contemplating writing on the sizzling hot International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) issue, we felt trapped in a Catch 22 impasse – damned if we do and damned if we don’t

One of us had to actually derive inspiration from proximity to the mosque of the Prophet in Masjid Nabawi, at Madinah.

To the liberals, human rights activists and civil societies, allow us to reiterate that the ratification of the ICERD is a no brainer.

But, to the many “Ketuanan Melayu” protagonists out there, the ICERD is a blatant declaration of open war. No amount of evidence-based law is going to convince them otherwise. Let alone rationale or common sense because the ICERD is to them a whole load of non-sense, a total disrespect and repudiation of their “inalienable bumiputra rights”

And for the liberals et al to expect a swift transformation of this “supremacist Malay mindset” indoctrinated over 61 years of toxic racial and religious BN politics, is naivety at best.

It is only kurang ajar in the sense that the lack of adab (decorum) is a learned behavior from an ambience of racial and religious bigotry, which now requires radical behavior modification (for want of a better psychiatric terminology).

This kurang ajarness needs to be unlearned and good behavior needs to be relearned, a time consuming process of educational reform which is doable but not within 6 months post GE14! There is no magical quick fix, the moral compass is screwed and it is not going to point True North over one General Election (GE), nay one generation.

At worst, you liberals et al have handed GE15 to the Malay opposition on a platter. Your impatience for change has proven to be your folly. You probably need reminding that at best, Pakatan Harapan (PH) only commands 20% of the Malay vote.

The UMNO-PAS-like minded racist Malay NGOs coalition, are out on a rampage to parade the ICERD as a blatant affront to the Federal Constitution, a conspiracy to deny the rights of the Malays, rebuff the supremacy of Islam and restrict the rights of the Malay rulers. Do they really care that their basic premise is a whole load of legal bullshit?

The Malay bigots are running amok preying on the basal instincts of the rural and urban Malays, declaring that the new government is against the Malay Agenda and is being manipulated by the Chinese DAP in PH.

You guys in your utter impatience and excitability for a Malaysia Baru, have caused a back lash in the Malay fraternity, which Tun Mahathir and his PH team would now have a tough time mending.

All the good work Tun and his team have done to expose the rampant corruption of the previous government, the trials of the ex-PM and his ministers, the trillion national debt etc have now been pushed to the quiet background.

Kindly give Tun and his team some credit and allow them the space to create the right atmosphere, amongst others enlightening the recalcitrant Malays, before mainstreaming the ICERD polemics.

ICERD has its merits but its ratification cannot be a one size fits all. Each country has its unique historical heritage and special circumstances that must be factored or else it will create disharmony.

Even western countries ratify subject to interpretations and exclusions by their respective parliaments. It is therefore disingenuous to think that we are obliged to swallow it lot, stock and barrel. It is not an either or case scenario. Similarly, our august house can only ratify ICERD within the confines allowed by our Federal Constitution.

The PAS and UMNO goons know this too well too, but they are bent on exploiting the democratic space afforded by the present socio-political governance to stir up trouble, create instability in their efforts to topple the PH.

We all know too well the sandiwara of UMNO-BN politicians but we are less cognisant of the hypocrisy of the “religious” PAS leadership though even more nauseous and dangerous.

Current PAS president, Hadi Awang, in an Utusan Melayu report dated 15 September 1985, then in his capacity as Terengganu State Commissioner, “pledged to abolish Malay rights if PAS came into power”. More specifically, he added that these include “the removal of Malay Reserve Land, National Economic Policy or other policies which only served the Malay interest. PAS promised that all races would be equitably treated” Need we say more?

In this politically explosive and divisive issue, we would appeal to the higher intellectual and emotional wisdom of the majority of peace loving Malaysians to avoid being dragged left, right, centre along parochial racial sentiments.

Trust the vast experience and wisdom of Tun Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and the strategic geniuses of Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad and Liew Chin Tong et al to navigate us through this acute conundrum and contextualize the why, when and how of the ICERD to the nation at its appropriate hour.

Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin
MPF Board Member

Prof Dr Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun
University Technology Malaysia

Utusan Meloya dan warna stokin

Utusan Meloya dan warna stokin
Tok Misai
17 Oktober 2018

Utusan Malaysia memang patut dipanggil Utusan Meloya. Logiknya selepas kerajaan BN ditong-sampahkan oleh rakyat pada 9 Mei lalu, Utusan Meloya sepatutnya insaf dan bertaubat dari menyebarkan berita-berita fitnah yang membuat rakyat rasa gelisah tidak tentu pasal. Perbuatan seperti ini bukan kerja orang beriman. Ini kerja orang munafiq yang suka melihat rakyat dan negara jadi tunggang langgang.

Saya berkata begini kerana rasa meluat baca artikel yang disiarkan oleh akhbar cabok ini mengenai Menteri Pendidikan baru Malaysia yang bernama Dr. Maszlee Malik (DMM) di Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM).

Punyalah banyak isu dan urusan penting lain yang DMM bincangkan pada lawatan beliau ke PPUM dua hari lepas, tiba-tiba berita yang dikutip dan disiarkan oleh Utusan Meloya secara meluas ialah mengenai warna stokin murid-murid sekolah pula. Kamu tidak sedar dirikah yang akhbar kamu ni sudah lama tak laku dan kedudukan kewangan syarikat pun sedang nazak? Kenapa masih bengong lagi? Nak berterusan begini sampai Kiamat kah?

Disebabkan lapuran Utusan Meloya yang tidak adil ini, tak pasal-pasal DMM kena serang oleh pelbagai pihak yang menuduh beliau sebagai seorang Menteri yang hanya sibuk dengan isu-isu remeh dan gagal menangani isu-isu lain mengenai tahap dan kualiti pendidikan di negara kita yang lebih besar dan serius.

Cuba bandingkan lapuran Utusan Meloya dengan posting oleh Pengarah PPUM sendiri di FB beliau :

Pengarah Ppum
October 15 at 9:23 PM

“Saya boleh mengesahkan sepanjang masa YB Dr Maszlee Malik berada di PPUM untuk lawatan mengejut hari ini, beliau tidak sepatah pun menyebut apatah lagi berbincang tentang “warna stokin” dengan pihak PPUM. Saya berada dengannya sepanjang masa beliau di sini dan apa yang dibincangkan bersama NC(UM), KP dan KSU adalah tentang potensi pengajaran dan penyelidikan yang cemerlang di PPUM dan untuk perkhidmatan yang terbaik diberikan kepada rakyat Malaysia, terutama bagi mereka dari golongan yang berpendapatan rendah. Saya rasa perkara itulah sepatutnya ditekankan di dalam berita akhbar. Cara berita ini disampaikan sebaliknya menggunakan gambar dan masa lawatan beliau ke PPUM, dan memberikan tajuk akhbar ”perbincangan mengenai warna stokin” sangat mengelirukan pembaca. Saya harap pembaca semua ambil perhatian tentang perkara ini.”

Lapuran siapa yang kita nak percaya sekarang? Lapuran Pengarah PPUM atau Utusan Meloya?

Cubalah bersikap adil sikit lain kali.. Kamu dan bacakah Report Card DMM selama 100 pertama beliau di Kementerian Pendidikan? Kalau belum, klik di sini :

Berbagai-bagai inisiatif dijangka akan memberi impak besar kepada mutu dan kualiti tahap pendidikan negara yang sudah dan sedang digerakkan oleh DMM. Bukankah bagus kalau kamu lapurkan tentang benda yang betul dari membuang masa sebarkan fitnah dan kumpul dosa?

The Demonisation of Maszlee Malik

17 Oct 2018

The Demonisation of Maszlee Malik

If one were to rely solely on Utusan Malaysia for news on the current Minister for Education, one would think that the honourable Minister is consumed with only thoughts of socks and shoes.

This pea-brained newspaper with gutless editors are back with their mischief. Their toxic spew is now centred on YB Dr Maszlee Malik, the Minister of Education.

Their journalists wait in ambush, trailing the Minister on his walkabouts. They care little for any weighty substance the Minister expounds on, preferring instead to wax lyrical about socks, shoes and other trivia, an obsession that reveals more about themselves than the man they write about.

If Utusan is worth even a grain of journalistic salt, it would report on the numerous initiatives drawn up by the honourable Minister in the last 100 days. This includes the green policy in all learning institutions encompassing vehicle-free zones, community clean-ups, tree-planting and adopting the 3Rs; Reuse, Recycle, Reduce.

However, Utusan has never been known as a bastion of journalism.

A newspaper sans integrity or honesty is but a pitiful face of hate politics, demonization and vilification. It sows discord and dangerous divides, with scant regard for nation building. It does not educate but leaves a trail of ignorance in its wake.

In the effort to dumb down to the masses and move more copies off the shelves, it has shown itself to be a disgrace and mockery to the art of journalism.

In a country hungry for insightful, investigative and balanced journalism, the mainstream media stand at a threshold. Known for their trumpeting of the past government, they now have the opportunity to be the voice of reason, and check and balance to the current government.

Utusan have the golden opportunity of playing a leading role in this country’s new political process and render support to a Minister who could potentially be a game-changer in the sad affairs of our current Education system.

But will they rise to the occasion? Will they pick up this mantle and be a beacon of truth and honesty? Or continue to meekly obey their masters and drown in their own venom?

Some soul searching is long overdue.


Board of Directors

Muslim Professionals Forum


Journalistic Fetish for Socks and Shoes

16 Oct 2018

Journalistic Fetish for Socks and Shoes

We’ve heard some outrageous stuff being uttered in the past week. And some real petty stuff being reported by both the mainstream and alternative media in the more recent few days.

The most outrageous being an ex-UMNO politician lambasting Pakatan Harapan (PH) leadership with “Your stupid manifesto stopped you, is it?”

Though enlightened by the new politics of PH she probably still carries with her foul baggage from her UMNO past.

We wrote a piece which politely lashed at our Prime Minister when he announced that he would be holding the education ministry portfolio. And took to task both Anwar Ibrahim and Kit Siang for pussy footing on the issue. (

It was heart warming to learn that unlike many, PM still held dear to the PH manifesto, heeded principle centric politics and immediately relinquished the idea.

We would like to see the moral compass still held high in the ever unpredictable realm of Malaysian politics. And in the new era of Malaysia Baru, we should not succumb to the Machiavellian politics of past or present politicians or even civil society for that matter.

In more tangible terms, the Minister of Education should be allowed to carry on with his job, entrusted by the PM and his cabinet, without distraction from quarters who do not have a clue of the educational system which has been adversely corrupted by the past politics of education.

And neither has the minister’s job been made easy by the mischievous and petty coverage of his tasks at rehabilitating the education ministry.

At one point in time I thought I was reading the sensationalized headlines of a silly tabloid but it turned out to be a national daily J

Come on guys! Buck up your journalistic skills and focus on the key messages of the minister. And please for heavens sake, do not allow your fetish for socks and shoes to cloud your writings.

And I hope the editors would do better than to allow such nonsensical reporting just for the sake of sales revenue and sensationalism. For a start, they may require some back to basic lessons, like not missing the forest for the trees.

Oh! By the way, have you actually read Dr Maszlee Malik’s “100 Hari Buku Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia” which addresses some of the big tickets in our educational system?


Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin

Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist

Damansara Specialist Hospital



15 Sep 2019


I have no doubt that many of you have written to your Pakatan Harapan (PH) state assemblymen (ADUN) and parliamentarians (MP) on various issues that in your humble opinion solicited their immediate attention.

A few ADUNs and MPs may have obliged and undertaken the necessary actions or remedial tasks but would it be too far-fetched to suggest that the majority have not even bothered to acknowledge receipt of your complaint, let alone revert, or only paid lip service to your suggestions, whilst a few were actually pissed off with your recommendations?

Well! Some of us never got to ascend the rarefied atmosphere of top echelons of corporate or academic leadership because we held dearly and uncompromisingly to our puritanical and religiously democratic views trained into us since our formative days in the UK. Among others, the notion that a leader should be told what he needs to be told and not what people feel he wants to be told. In short, calling a spade a spade (we hope we are being ethnically correct and colour blind) was and still continues to be a dearly held principle of engagement.

We always wondered why our peers including some very close colleagues of ours hesitated and used twenty words to convey what needed to be said in five words to our bosses. With so many words, inflexions and padded advice, much of the real essence was lost in the delivery.

After a protracted period of cold storage and exile for some, the reasons finally  dawned on us – Eureka!

There are leaders who preferred being given advice and told what they actually wanted to be told and eschewed advice on what they really should be told. Much like the case of where the emperor wore no clothes.

In the context of Malaysian political governance, either BN or PH, we would suggest that the progenies of the aforementioned emperor are still alive and thriving, though less in the latter.

Hence subordinates, who hope to curry favour for obvious reasons, tailor their counsel to get the ears of their little emperors. There exists a culture where, upon ascending a top post, people bow and scrape to their leaders and exaggerate beyond reasonable measures moderate successes and carefully gloss over cracks and pits. They know this is the culture and leaders and followers feed off each other.

Woe betide those who like the proverbial little boy dare to draw attention to the emperor’s nudity.  Our society is in its present mess not because our leaders are not smart (some undoubtedly are smart but the rest are less so) but because of an inherent internal inertia to the purveyors of not so good home truths.

No matter how smart, capable or visionary a leader is, he is subject to blind spots, either in his rear mirror, side mirror or even front windscreen if we use the similitude of a driver of a car. Blind spots can turn a pleasant drive into a tragedy. Therefore, taking cognisance from sensors allows one to make measured, careful steps to avoid dangers and help rebuild our nation’s glorious destiny.

The fact that some of our PH big wigs feel we are not up to the mark with our knowledge of their actual circumstances, thus our observations are defective and not evidential, and are therefore good reasons to be rejected outright.

I hope our ADUNs and MPs are good listeners and takes on board dissenting views with good spirits and aplomb. Kudos to the magnanimous Minister of Education who exhibited masterly PR skills in news releases when confronted with those rabble pack of university students.

Inability or unwillingness to make use of the inputs would perpetuate the culture of fawning, selective information gathering and processing so prevalent before albeit in a new Malaysia Baru form.

We however are not willing to be a party to this bodek culture and will never temper our views just because they prick our ADUN’s, MP’s or Minister’s ego.

Our political leaders are well-advised to view the UK comedy of the early 1980s, Yes Minister, which embodies authority and politics as a hypocritical world filled with double talk.

Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin
Prof Awaluddin Shaharoun