The Unity and Diversity Conference as I reflected… (By Krishnan S)

It was an educational journey into the tribulations and the complexities of our contemporary society, in particular the Muslim Ummah. I was glad to learn especially that in Islam there is a place for minority communities ie: the treaty of Medina.

I learnt that Islamaphobia is real and that the ummah has to take responsibility by looking at the causes from within…meaning one should look at oneself. I was thrilled by the quest for peace and harmony in the midst of adversities that are prevalent in all communities across the globe. The speakers spoke from their hearts and here are few key words that impacted me.

“We cannot sit and wait for
a miracle to happen. Let us aim for practical unity – its an explicit goal – All human beings are equal – no superiority, no inferiority, no racism and no classism”.

“Let us look for the factors that unite us. We can disagree with respect”.

“Lets embrace both the revealed knowledge and the scientific and secular knowledge as well”.

“Before you criticize others you will need to look at yourself. Looking within is the key”.

“We need to eliminate all forms of HATE”.

“We send our children to school to be better in English, better in science, better in maths – can we also teach our children to be better human beings: To love, to have compassion, to have kindness and understanding towards all people”.

“To the organizers of this event, I would like to say WELL DONE and thank you for your desire to bring peace and unity amongst all on this one planet that is our HOME.

Krishnan S