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Joint Declaration of the International Consortium for Rohingya (ICR)
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Adopt a Hafiz in Gaza
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Latest posts:
Joint Declaration of the International Consortium for Rohingya (ICR)
Civil Society Condemns Death Threats Against Bersih 2.0 Leaders
Response of the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMAM) on Issues Surrounding Termination of Pregnancy (Top) of Women Infected with the Zika Virus
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Joint Declaration of the International Consortium for Rohingya (ICR)

The Rohingya Muslims, who comprise 5% of the population in Burma, are the innocent victims of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The UN Human Rights chief, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that “the situation seems a textbook example of ethnic cleansing”.

Despite constituting a considerable percentage of the Burmese population, they are deprived of citizenship, let alone to live as Muslims and raise their children according to the rules of Islam.

They do not possess any weapons, yet they are attacked by soldiers equipped with fatal weapons employing disproportionate force.

Unfortunately, children, girls, mothers, women, the old and infirmed are not spared of this inhuman massacre.

The Rohingyas have been deprived of their basic human rights and freedom which is enshrined in the “Universal Human Rights Declaration” signed by all UN member states.

We, the participant NGOs of the Consultation Meeting co-hosted by AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, Turkey), UNIW (Union of NGOs in the Muslim World) and AKFP (Al-Khidmat Foundation, Pakistan), hereby pledge to help the oppressed Rohingya people, towards ending the atrocities perpetrated by the Burmese government, racist … [Read more]

VPM QURBAN 2017 for the poor in Palestine


Adopt a Hafiz in Gaza



Carefugees: Feed a Family (Ending 12 June 2015)



Amendment to Sedition Act makes independence hollows and must be withdrawn

gbm logo w tamil CLEAN

Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM) calls upon the Federal Government to withdraw the Amendment Bill to Sedition Act rather than table it in Dewan Negara. If the Government is adamant to table it, all patriots in Dewan Negara must be present and vote against it.

Standing firm with various civil society groups opposing the bill, GBM condemns in the strongest term the bill which severely curbs civil and political liberties of Malaysians, making our nation’s independence hollow.

GBM asks, how do we celebrate Merdeka if our forefathers and mothers enjoyed more civil and political liberties under the British colonial government than we do today?

The Sedition Act was enacted in 1948 in response to the communist insurgency but was made harsher first by the 1970 amendment and would be even draconian if the 2015 amendment comes to force.

The 2015 amendment poses a grave threat to Malaysians’ freedom in two main ways.

Firstly, the net is cast much wider:

    (a)   the amendment to Section 10  and the addition of Section 10A, impose restrictions … [Read more]

MPF Press Release: Taman Medan Church Incident (English & BM)

20 April 2015

Muslim Professionals Forum (MPF)
Press Release

We refer to the protest by some 50 residents in Taman Medan over the display of a cross on a newly minted church.

This mindless act of hatred and incitement against another religion’s place of worship has no place in Islam and deserves unreserved condemnation.

Islam is rich with examples of respect for other faiths, their adherents and protection of their places of worship.

Let us take heed from the best of examples, the prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. In a well documented incident, the Prophet received a delegation of sixty Christians from Yemen at his mosque in Madina. They were led by a bishop, Abu Haritha ibn Alqamam, a well respected authority on Christianity. When the time for their prayer came, they faced the direction of east and prayed. Some Muslims out of ignorance protested but the Prophet ordered that they be left in their state and not harmed.

Yet another famed example is that of Umar ibn Al-Khattabb, the second righteous caliph. During his reign the religious freedom of the citizens of Ilya (Jerusalem) and the sanctity of their synagogues and places of worship were confirmed: … [Read more]

Adopt a Hafiz project Year III: Accounts for Camp 2014

Adopt a Hafiz project Year III.
Yearly summer Tahfiz camp since 2012.
MPF & Aqsa Syarif & VPM & Darul Quran Wa Sunnah (DQWS)

Accounts for Camp 2014

Collection :
Disbursement :

Balance brought forward to 2015 :

VPM Micro Finance Project in Hebron, West Bank

A short clip of VPM’s signature micro finance project in Hebron, West Bank.

This was done in collaboration with PGPF.

The entrepreneurial spirit of these Palestinians ladies is simply breath taking. See the excitement & joy on their faces.

Let’s together do more to help these women!

Save Al-Quds Global Campaign Malaysia: Memorandum to the United Nations

22 January 2015
HE Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General of the United Nations
NY 10017 USA

His Excellency,

Save Al-Quds Global Campaign Malaysia
Memorandum to the United Nations

Save Al-Quds Global Campaign Malaysia, a coalition of 27 NGOs in Malaysia in collaboration with our international partners would like to urgently draw your attention to the extremely dangerous and volatile developments in Al-Quds.

Save Al-Quds Global Campaign Malaysia reaffirms that:
1.     Al-Aqsa mosque in Baitul Maqdis  (al-Quds), also known as Jerusalem is the third              holiest site in Islam and is located in the old city.

2.     Al-Quds, historically is the only site in the world which is home to the three great monotheistic teachings, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

3.     The United Nations (UN) defines Al-Aqsa as being in Palestinian Occupied Territory and should protect its security and sanctity.

Save Al-Quds Global Campaign Malaysia notes alarmingly that:
1.     The Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) had repeatedly stormed the compound and occupied Al Aqsa Mosque.

2.     The blatant and unlawful use of firearms in the mosque had resulted in outbreaks of fire with damages to the carpets, mosaic works and various structures of the mosque.

3.     The IOF controlled the gates of the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, prohibited Muslims from entering and escorted Israeli religious and political extremists inside the compound.

4.     … [Read more]

HPV updates from the Columbian National Institute of Health

The Health Authority has conducted a detailed investigation on the Adverse Effects cases in Columbia.

The official report has not been released but the conclusion has been picked up by Columbian newspapers and translated as “Vaccine is not to be blamed”

The authority has conducted rigorous technical analysis and drawn a conclusion.

“There was no causal association between qHPV and any of the more than 600 cases of girls attending to ER with a variety of very unspecific symptomatology.”