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Al-Marhum Al-Hafiz Dr Fadi M.R. AlBatsh (24/6/1983–21/4/2018)
Carefugees – Feed a Family Campaign 2018 – Sponsor a food basket today!
Ramadhan Workshop 2018
Joint Declaration of the International Consortium for Rohingya (ICR)
VPM QURBAN 2017 for the poor in Palestine

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Permissibility of Rotavirus Vaccines
MPF Merdeka Call
Political Accountability: An Islamic Viewpoint
Political Funding and Transparency: An Islamic Perspective
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Adopt a Hafiz in Gaza (Report)
Giro D’Italia (Kenyataan Akhbar BDS Malaysia)
Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM): Call to all Political Parties to Commit to Inclusive National Unity
Reflections on #SaveRohingya Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh by Dr. Musa Mohd Nordin
#IAmHadiza (Press Release)

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Ramadhan Workshop 2018

Ramadhan Workshop 2017


SQH Surprise visit by Sheikh Ibrahim Yahya & Sheikh Omar Suleiman (Video)

The World is Big Enough for All of Us - Imam Khalid Latif


MPF Ramadhan Workshop 2016


Dr. Mads Gilbert - Call for BDS (3/11/2015, KGPA, KL)


Sheikh Nurudeen Lemu - The Width of the Straight Path


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MPF Ramadhan Workshop 2015 (Day 1 Photo Gallery)

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MPF Ramadhan Workshop 2015


Launching of Save Al-Quds Global Campaign