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MOH - Letter to the Press

22 May 2018

Unlike the controversies surrounding the choice of the minister of education,  which we in no uncertain terms debunked in an earlier mail (,  it was relatively plain sailing for the post of minister of health.

Notwithstanding, there are major and pressing issues within the health ministry which needs to be immediately addressed.  Suffice to mention among these grievances, the dwindling budget allocation for health (2% of GDP in the public sector), shortage of hospital beds in the ministry of health (MOH), the lack of synergy between the MOH and the private health sector, incessant complaints from junior doctors due to a “toxic MOH work culture”, the need to harness the talent pool among health care professionals (HCP) to flourish the MOH centres of excellence to mitigate the brain drain, increasing the opportunities for  medical officers to pursue postgraduate studies, the challenges of non-communicable diseases (NCD), and ageing population, plugging leakages in the MOH finances and the escalating costs of healthcare.

Therefore in our humble opinion, the next immediate, urgent and important task for YB Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad is to source for wisdom, experience and talented persons who will advise him professionally. His team need to headhunt for the best brains & hearts … [Read more]

Abused junior doctors

Abused junior doctors
by Shazee Ali Ghazali

Letter from a young MPF’ian (Shazee Ali Ghazali, Monash 2007)

I am an 18 year old about to start medical studies in two months and as a result have been reading with great interest the on-going debate surrounding the working environment of housemen and junior doctors.

I have friends who are studying medicine at the moment, friends who have completed their studies and are beginning work, and friends who are already successful doctors.

I am at a loss to fully comprehend the divergent views I read in the newspapers about the medical culture related to the working ambience of the young doctors.

There are those who complain about long working hours and unreasonable on-call duties. And there are those who swear by this method, like the current Health Minister (NST Dec 15, 2006) and the president of MMA (NST Nov 30,2006) arguing it is the ideal method in training a doctor for the real world.

In my humble opinion, doctors need to experience the stress and long hours that come in the early stages of their career in order to prepare themselves for the road ahead. Before starting university most medical students know what they are getting themselves into and … [Read more]

Abused junior doctors who grow up to become abusive consultants

Abused junior doctors who grow up to become abusive consultants
by Dr. Musa Mohd. Nordin

15th Dec 2006
The Editor NST

Dear sir,

I refer to the Health Minister’s outburst as headlined “Stop your whining, housemen told” ( NST Dec 15, 2006).

Hitherto, many doctors who were “enslaved” in the 24-36 straight call hours of medical apprenticeship due to the paucity of numbers would vouch for the good that it has endowed them in their future medical careers, as reiterated by the Health Minister. Many senior doctors, from the high offices of health ministers, medical directors, deans, consultants down to specialists and registrars would rationalise this as part of the gruelling training process of any wannabe doctor.

Junior doctors are hammered with multiple anecdotes of nightmarish calls including “graveyard shifts” which their seniors have had to endure during their clerkship and yet survived unscathed. Junior doctors continue to suffer in silence and are led to believe by their seniors that this is all part of the tradition of medical training. This “medical tradition” in due time becomes entrenched in the system because the values continue to be perpetuated by “abused junior doctors who grow up to become abusive consultants”.

There is however a major flaw in this premise … [Read more]

Response to Mingguan Malaysia

Response to Mingguan Malaysia
by Dr. Sheik Johari Bux bin Sheik Yaacob Bux

Ketua Pengarang
Utusan Malaysia

Tuan, Assalamu Alaikum

Tajuk utama Mingguan Malaysia 22 oktober 06, “Tangani ekstremis agama” yang di petik dari kata-kata menteri Kemajuan Luar Bandar, Datuk Abdul Aziz Shamsudin kepada pemberita di Miri adalah amat dikesali.

Ia nya seolah-olah menggambarkan bahawa ekstremisme agama adalah suatu gejala besar yang mengancam keharmonian kaum dan menggagalkan projek-projek kerajaan.

Ini bertentangan sekali dengan semangat dan langkah bijaksana Kementerian Dalam Negeri yang telah membebaskan tujuh tahanan ISA tempoh hari.

Memang kita akui bahawa ekstremisme agama adalah suatu gejala yang membahayakan dan harus ditangani dengan tegas dan bijak. Namun didalam konteks Malaysia yang diakui dunia sebagai negara Islam contoh, fenomena ini adalah terlalu kecil dan mudah ditangani oleh pihak yang berwajib.

Menggembar-gemburkannya sehingga menjadi tajuk utama akhbar hanya akan mengundang tohmahan, prasangka dan prejudis terhadap agama Islam. Sekali gus ia mengeruhkan lagi keharmonian masyarakat kita yang berbilang kaum dan agama.

Lebih malang jika ianya diutarakan semata-mata untuk saham politik tanpa adanya sebarang bukti yang kukuh. Adakah kita ingin dilihat sebagai jaguh dalam “war on terror”dan mendapat pujian dan sanjungan dari barat?

Sesunggunhnya, kegagalan projek-projek pembangunan adalah berpunca sebahagian besarnya dari gejala rasuah, ketidak-telusan, campurtangan politik dan kelemahan jentera pentadbiran. Kami mengalu-alukan keperihatinan dan … [Read more]

Response to “Hate Ideology a Threat to Unity” NST Oct 20, 2006

Response to “Hate Ideology a Threat to Unity” NST Oct 20, 2006
by Dr. Musa bin Mohd. Nordin

On God’s chosen day, Friday, of His blessed month, Ramadhan, Muslims worldwide would immerse themselves in prayer and contemplation. The men folk would congregate in the mosques to listen to the Friday sermon, perform the obligatory Friday prayers, celebrate the solidarity and fraternity of this one ummah and offer alms to help mitigate the suffering of humanity world over.

It is most unfortunate that some have chosen this choicest of day and month, in her Friday -sermon-, to spew unprovoked insinuations that the bulk of her fellow Muslim Malaysian citizenry are propagators of the -hate ideology- (see Hate ideology a threat to unity, NST page 12, Friday, Oct 20, 2006).

Amongst the luminaries (or is it culprits) of this band wagon of the -ideology of hate and intolerance- and the mobilization to -halt any further democratization and liberalizing of this country- are the likes of;

ACCIN ( Allied Coordinating Committee of Islamic NGOs ), whose roll of members includes JIM, ABIM, Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA), Islamic Information & Services (IIS), Research & Information Centre On Islam (RICOI) and many others
Defenders of Islam (PEMBELA), a fraternity of … [Read more]

Response to “Hate Ideology a Threat to Unity” NST Oct 20, 2006

Response to “Hate Ideology a Threat to Unity” NST Oct 20, 2006
Puan Mimi Nora Abdul Majid

In her NST column of 20 Oct 06, Zainah Anwar takes Muslim self-loathing to a new height, lambasting all who disagree with her views of Islam as purveyors of a “culture and ideology of hate”. And why not, Muslim self-loathing and self-hate has become very marketable since September 11. Irshad Manji and Hirsi Ali have made careers out of it. Zainah herself has occasionally basked in the international limelight.

People with prejudice against Islam and the Islamophobic media would pat you on the back and give you media access that others can only dream of. Neoconservative think-tanks and western foundations who take it upon themselves the burden of a civilizing mission to bring ‘democracy’ to the Muslim world (i.e secularizing Muslim mainstream society beyond recognition) would give you support and international exposure.

Yours is the courageous voice of the most ‘oppressed’ in Muslim societies, when in reality such women usually come from a privileged background, with western education and a highly westernized lifestyle out of touch with the mainstream values and traditions of their society.

Now out … [Read more]

Letter to Guardian : Islam is for freedom of choice and freedom of speech

Letter to Guardian : Islam is for freedom of choice and freedom of speech
by Dr. Azzam Tamimi

From Rushdie to the Pope, Islam has been wronged in the name of freedom of speech though in fact it is the one religious tradition that has always stood for freedom of choice and speech

So much injustice has been done to Islam over the issue of freedom of speech. Certain quarters choose to champion the cause of freedom of speech by indulging in acts whose primary objective is to tarnish the image of Islam through unfounded claims and to demonize it or demean its Prophet Muhammad through what they describe as literary or art works. Muslims have been put on the defensive episode after episode since the despicable novel by Salman Rushdie through the ugly Danish cartoons all the way down to the irresponsible remarks by Pope Benedict XVI. Muslims had every right to be offended because as they saw it these were not innocent exercises of freedom of speech but deliberate abuses that say nothing but untruth about Islam and its Prophet. However, the resort by some Muslims to violence has damaged their cause even further. Islam has been the victim at times … [Read more]

Religious Pluralism – Response to your guest columnist – Dr Chandra Muzaffar

Religious Pluralism – Response to your guest columnist – Dr Chandra Muzaffar
by Dr Musa Mohd. Nordin

Sunday 18 June 2006
Dr Musa Mohd. Nordin

Board Member,
Muslims Professionals Forum
c/o Damansara Specialist Hospital
119 Jalan SS 20/10
Damansara Utama
47400 PJ
Tel/Fax : +603-77293173

Dear Sir,

I read Chandra’s personalised inferences of the pluralist theology with much disbelief ! (What pluralism means to Islam; Sunday Star 18 June 2006). The pluralism as propounded by the likes of Chandra et al is of course very appealing because it embraces religiosity with a mega dose of tolerance, mutual respect and “muhibbah”. Unfortunately, what he scripted in his Sunday column has never been the bone of contention among theologians who are in the thick of the debate on religious pluralism. Quite obviously, he is missing the thread of the discourse on religious pluralism.

His sole reference to the social sciences paradigm of pluralism lacks research, hence much restricted and un-holistic. Simply put, he has done a gross injustice to the scholarly works of theologians of religious pluralism. I was not able to identify the writings of any pluralist theologian in his Sunday piece to substantiate his variant, personalized flavour or even mutation of the pluralist model.

I can … [Read more]

Response to A Brand New Life NST 18 March 2006

Response to A Brand New Life NST 18 March 2006
by Dr. Musa Mohd. Nordin

23rd March 2006
The Editor NST
Dear sir,

I read your headliner article with much interest (A Brand New Life; NST; 18th March 2006). It brings hope to many affected families. Christopher Reeves best known as Superman, a staunch supporter of embryonic stem cell research did not live long enough to witness any major breakthroughs in stem cell cures for his spinal paralysis.

Nonetheless, it is important that we do not lose perspective of the limitations of this new technology and thus send wrong messages and create false hopes to your readers. Private cord blood banks has hyped on similar anecdotes and isolated examples to go on an onslaught of emotional marketing of private collection and storage of umbilical cord blood.

As a member of the National Committee on Human Cloning and Stem Cell Research, we have deliberated these issues but have yet to make them public. For the former, draft laws are already in the Attorney-General’s chambers.

There is universal interest in discovering and developing a permanent source of cells which would be capable of generating any cell type and which would avoid the problem of transplant rejection. These cells called human … [Read more]

Sensitivity of non-muslims to Islam

Sensitivity of non-muslims to Islam
by Farah Pang Abdullah

March 22, 2006
The Editor (
STAR Publications

I am alarmed by ‘Mosquito” who wrongly misquoted Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Dept. at his meeting with 43 Muslim NGOS on March 20 at the Parliament House. Her caption ‘Refusing to engage in dialogue a disservice to Islam’ can cause concerns to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. I was personally present at the press conference and sat beside the minister. So I heard all he had to say.

He did not say that Muslims should not engage in dialogue with non-Muslims. In fact he reminded all of us that our harmonious coexistence is the result of our mutual respect for our religions and culture.

What he did say and rightfully so, was to tell non- Muslims not to make inflammatory and unwarranted remarks about Islamic jurisprudence as it is a specialized science with a specific methodology. He also said that Muslims do not make offensive comments about other religions in the country and asked that the same be given to Islam.

I was the spokesperson for the NGOs that day and I supported what the Minister said. I also publicly declared that we look forward … [Read more]