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Latest posts:
Joint Declaration of the International Consortium for Rohingya (ICR)
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Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM) Calls for Immediate Cessation of the Massacre in Egypt

Media Statement For Immediate Release

Gabungan Bertindak  Malaysia (GBM) Calls for Immediate Cessation of the Massacre in Egypt

16 August, 2013

GBM calls on all Malaysians to condemn in the strongest possible way the massacre of innocent civilians in the latest violence unleashed on opponents of the illegitimate government of Egypt.

We deplore the international community’s apathy and silence on the coup d’état and earlier killings which has led to this round of horrific killings.

The failure of the international community to uphold the basic tenets of democracy and human rights in Egypt has been directly responsible for this bloody massacre.

The role of some nations in the west and the petro-monarchies of the Gulf who have bankrolled this military carnage deserve special condemnation.

Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia (GBM) urges:

All nations and people who believe in free and fair elections and the legitimacy that democracy brings, to rally in support of the opponents of the military regime in Egypt and to help bring about the restoration of democracy. The killings to be stopped immediately and the Army to return to the military barracks. The democratically elected president to be reinstated immediately. The parliament and elected lawmakers to … [Read more]

Solidariti Bersama Saudara Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin Ketua Ahli Ekonomi Bank Islam

Bank Islam bertindak secara tidak profesional dan tidak adil dalam menggantungkan jawatan Azrul Azwar


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Lauren Booth @ TV9 (15th November 2012)

Lauren Booth’s interview with TV9 will be aired this Thursday 15th November 2012 9AM with the repeat at 10:30PM on the same day

‘Her words drew me to Islam’ – New Straits Times

NST coverage of the talk last night organised by Muslim Professionals Forum MPF

(original article:

STRONG FAITH: Blair’s sister-in-law feels a sense of peace

Social activist Lauren Booth says she was born to worship Allah

KUALA LUMPUR: LEARNING humility from the generosity of the Palestinians and the act of fasting have pulled Lauren Booth closer to Islam.

The sister-in-law of former British prime minister Tony Blair said she was attracted to the strength showed by the people of Palestine, despite their hardships.

“During my visit to a refugee camp (in Palestine), I was bringing food for the poor families (during Ramadan). I met this woman who has the most beautiful smile, lit from within from joy and hope.

“I was sure that her house is like the Taj Mahal, unlike some homes that have nothing. But, when I went in, she had nothing,” she told more than 200 people who had gathered last night to listen to her talk on how she had discovered Islam.

Booth admitted she … [Read more]

Global March to Jerusalem

Salams, Peace & Blessings

Join us for the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) 30 March 2012
Checkout this MalaysiaGMJ (myGMJ) youtube of the GMJ

For starters superbikers in big big bikes have voluntered to hoist the flags of the 131 countires who have recognised the state of Palestine and will converge with marching Malaysians to an open public space with a backdrop showing Jerusalem, al Aqsa mosque and the Church of Nativity.

Watch this space for more information on where Malaysians will converge on 30 March 2012

Jom March!

Dr Mohd Tahir Abd Rahman
Chairman myGMJ
Board of Trustees, Aqsa Syarif

Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin
Deputy Chairman myGMJ
Chairman Viva Palestina Malaysia