Regarding – Live, Don’t Die for Islam

Regarding – Live, Don’t Die for Islam
by Dr. Azzam Tamimi

I read the article below. I appreciate the good intentions of the brother but he is not right on a number of points. The following was a quick reply I wrote to a message I received from Nazri with whose assessment of the article I fully agree:

“If only Sardar is asked whether he lives for Islam? Only those that live for Islam may consider dying for it. ( I would even go as far as saying those that live for Islam wish to die for it.)

I am puzzled by the assumption that the world does sympathise with the Palestinians. This is a myth created by people sitting far away from the action itself. In fact more people than ever before today sympathise with the Palestinians and support their cause. More people are even challenging the Zionists and speaking out in support of the right of the Palestinians to defend themselves through whatever means available to them. I am sure it is out of good intentions that some Muslims are worried; but they are worried for the wrong reasons. No ‘martyrdom operations’ have been taken place for many weeks now. But who is doing the killing on daily basis and who is destroying the lives of the Palestinians? Why does not Sardar and those who admire him live for Islam by concentrating on the crimes of Sharon than on the helpless victims of his?

When the Zionist lobby tried to sabotage Sheikh Qaradawi’s visit recently in Britain I appeared on every single TV and radio channel saying this: “What do you expect the Palestinians to do? You’ve left them with no options. Get Sharon to stop his killing the ‘martyrdom operations’ will stop.” I found that in most cases TV and radio presenters agreed. Many of them said: “Well, isn’t what Qaradawi is saying something we all share but fail to express.”

Muslims who cannot defend ‘martyrdom operations’ should keep quiet and not stab their brothers and sisters in the back. Let those who can defend these operations speak because they are defensible in the most convincing manner and the most explicit language.”

If the brother concerned and others who have doubts wish to have a private session when I am in Malaysia to discuss the issue I am most willing to do so. The clever thing to do is not to criticize what means the Palestinians choose to defend themselves or respon to Israeli brutality but in fact to defend it and market it to public opinion. Public opinion can be convinced of any thing if the approach is right. I do not say this out of opportunism; I think we are right and what we do is correct and legitimate. If the Zionist have been able to convince public opinion of the incorrect and the illegitimate, how come that we retreat and give up so quickly on what is right and true?