24 Nov 2018

The 10 year old clip featuring Minister in Prime Minister’s Department (Unity) Senator P Waytha Moorthy has been hogging the news in the mainstream, alternative media and more so in social media.

The recent expose by R.AGE, we hope would give our fellow Malaysians some understanding and grasp of the historical and current issues afflicting the Indian Bottom 40 (IB40) community.

Compared to the national average, the school dropout, unemployment and crime rates are higher among the IB40 community. Anybody who has stayed near a rubber estate or with an Indian community will know how bad their living conditions are.

It is therefore not too difficult to understand the frustrations of the Indian community who have been long neglected by their own leaders and the lack of political will to improve their socio-economic status. Instead, they were used only to win their votes by cash handouts but only to be forgotten until the next election

We may not agree with the politics of Waytha but surely we can understand why the Indian community sorely needed a much more vocal, aggressive and extrovert exponent to champion their rights and to highlight their predicament and deprivation.

How different are the historical nuances of Waytha from the current display of racial zealotry by UMNO-PAS-right wing Malay NGOs against Icerd which they have mistakenly surmised as abrogating their Malay rights?

And it is these same racist goons who are calling for the expulsion of Waytha from the cabinet. Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the racist of them all?

Maybe we should first ask Hadi Awang to seek the nations’ forgiveness on his Amanat which labeled our Federal Constitution as “… mengekalkan perlembagaan penjajah, mengekalkan peraturan kafir, mengekalkan peraturan jahiliyah … dan kerana kita berjuang dengan puak-puak ini, kalau kita mati kerana berlawan ini, mati kita ialah mati shahid …” which among others were the triggers for the Memali flashpoint, before asking Waytha to do so, whose actions by the way did not tantamount to any national crisis or loss of lives.

Mahathir shamed Anwar, jailed him and subjected him and his family to unimaginable ill treatment. Yet we voted for him and now put all our hopes for the future of Malaysia on his lap.

We may not want to forget Waytha’s, Hadi’s or Mahathir’s past but we are willing to forgive them. Let bygones be bygones. Let go of the past, let’s move on but be mindful of the present and plan for the future.

Like an accomplished and master clinician, Mahathir has been spot on with his diagnosis of the national woes and surgically cut and dry with his medication of the national ills … OK apart from the third car project.

So guys, trust the old sly fox, a politician par excellence to select Waytha without hesitation, to shoulder the Unity portfolio under his watch. It would be naïve to even suggest that Mahathir was oblivious of Waytha’s political track record.

Guys! Give Tun a break and let him appoint those who will assist him to reformat and jump-start the policies of the country and to lend a phrase from POTUS (we never though we would ever quote him), to make Malaysia great again. To make Malaysia once again, a roaring yet compassionate tiger.

As the leader of a multi-party coalition, Tun needs to reach out to all segments of the society, of which the Indians form a small but significant minority. Waytha’s Hindraf fully supported PH during the 14th General Elections, so in a manner of political speaking, its payback time for Hindraf.

In the New Malaysia, Tun needs leaders who truly care for their respective communities, a trait which Waytha embraced and displayed with utmost passion.

Although we detest all the noise and ruckus the rakyat and the opposition have confronted this new fledgling government with, we all accept and recognise this as a healthy sign of a thriving democracy.

If Waytha creates undue problems, it will frustrate the rakyat, and who will agitate. We know it and he knows it. Transform, perform and conform or the rakyat will boot you out.

Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin
MPF Board Member

Prof Dr Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun
University Technology Malaysia