Journalistic Fetish for Socks and Shoes

16 Oct 2018

Journalistic Fetish for Socks and Shoes

We’ve heard some outrageous stuff being uttered in the past week. And some real petty stuff being reported by both the mainstream and alternative media in the more recent few days.

The most outrageous being an ex-UMNO politician lambasting Pakatan Harapan (PH) leadership with “Your stupid manifesto stopped you, is it?”

Though enlightened by the new politics of PH she probably still carries with her foul baggage from her UMNO past.

We wrote a piece which politely lashed at our Prime Minister when he announced that he would be holding the education ministry portfolio. And took to task both Anwar Ibrahim and Kit Siang for pussy footing on the issue. (

It was heart warming to learn that unlike many, PM still held dear to the PH manifesto, heeded principle centric politics and immediately relinquished the idea.

We would like to see the moral compass still held high in the ever unpredictable realm of Malaysian politics. And in the new era of Malaysia Baru, we should not succumb to the Machiavellian politics of past or present politicians or even civil society for that matter.

In more tangible terms, the Minister of Education should be allowed to carry on with his job, entrusted by the PM and his cabinet, without distraction from quarters who do not have a clue of the educational system which has been adversely corrupted by the past politics of education.

And neither has the minister’s job been made easy by the mischievous and petty coverage of his tasks at rehabilitating the education ministry.

At one point in time I thought I was reading the sensationalized headlines of a silly tabloid but it turned out to be a national daily J

Come on guys! Buck up your journalistic skills and focus on the key messages of the minister. And please for heavens sake, do not allow your fetish for socks and shoes to cloud your writings.

And I hope the editors would do better than to allow such nonsensical reporting just for the sake of sales revenue and sensationalism. For a start, they may require some back to basic lessons, like not missing the forest for the trees.

Oh! By the way, have you actually read Dr Maszlee Malik’s “100 Hari Buku Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia” which addresses some of the big tickets in our educational system?


Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin

Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist

Damansara Specialist Hospital