“Adopt A Hafiz” Program financial update

Alhamdulillah, the above collaboration program with Aqsa Syarif, Viva Palestina Malaysia and Darul Quran Wa Sunnah in Gaza that commenced early April 2013, received an overwhelming support.

At the closing date, 31 May 2013, a total amount of RM374,547 was collected for the above. This is sufficient to sponsor about sixty-eight (68) halaqahs or rings, equivalent to six hundred eighty (680) students as potential hafiz.

USD41,000 cash was disbursed to Darul Quran Wa Sunnah on the 31 May itself with the Aqsa Syarif volunteers mission to Gaza.  An additional EUR35,700 was also wired to Darul Quran Wa Sunnah on 3 June 2013.  The total amount sent to Darul Wa Sunnah as of 5 June for the above purpose is RM283,190.

The balance of RM91,356 will be disbursed in due time.

More updates on the above will be posted on this page in due time.