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MPF Statement: Southern Thailand

The Muslim Professionals Forum Berhad (MPF) deplores the revenge killings that took place in Southern Thailand in retaliation for the deaths of 84 Muslims, mostly during detention by the Thai security forces last week.

The government of Thailand deserves severe censure for the earlier incident and must bring to justice those responsible for these despicable acts. Notwithstanding, random killings driven by vengeance is deplorable and against the teachings of Islam. That this was committed in the holy month of Ramadhan makes it all the more abominable. The notion of the rule of law is a pivotal construct in a Muslim society.

We fear that this will only serve to provoke more heavy-handed and repressive measures from the Thai authorities. This would inevitably plunge the volatile south into a tailspin of ethnic violence and bloodshed.

We implore both parties to rein in the passions, call for restraint, and seek an amicable political settlement to the crisis, which is largely perceived as arising from a climate of economic disparity and discriminatory practices over the minority Muslim population.

We envisage that this will require the arbitration of an independent third party.We believe that the government of Malaysia, through the forum of ASEAN and the OIC is best postured to exert her role towards resolving this crisis.

Yours faithfully




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