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Inaugural Launch of MPF and Tea with Dr. Azzam Tamimi

Muslim Professionals Forum (MPF)

MPF is a grouping of Muslim professionals that strives to achieve a credible intellectual engagement and dialogue on issues that touch on Islamic beliefs, practices, culture and thought with a wide crosssection of the Malaysian society. It intends to do so in a non-confrontational manner, free of any institutional constraints or political affiliations. The MPF is legally registered as a company limited by guarantee to function as a non-profit organization.

Dr. Azzam Tamimi

Born in Hebron, Palestine, Dr. Azzam’s family moved to Kuwait when he was seven. After high school, he relocated to England where he gained a Bsc. in combined sciences from the University of Sunderland UK, and his PhD. in Political Thought from The University of Westminister in 1998. An executive member of The Muslims Association of Britain, Dr. Azzam was most recently in the limelight during Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi’s visit of Britain, when he acted as the spokesperson and interpreter.

Writer of several books and numerous research papers on the subjects of politics, democracy and human rights, they include, Islam and Secularism in the Middle East, Musharakat al-Islamiyin fil- Islam, and Islam in the Western Media. His in-depth knowledge of the socio-political Middle Eastern affairs is well known and his views are highly sought as his works are widely studied and used as reference materials in tertiary and research institutions around the world. Charismatic and eloquent, his passion almost always leaves his listeners completely enthralled and having personally experienced the plight of the Palestinians, his commitment to this cause is unquestionable, often forthrightly calling for the dismantling of Zionism just as Apartheid was. Currently on a fellowship at Kyoto University, Dr. Azzam will be conducting a series of lectures in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Singapore.

Practicing and Thinking Muslims

Born to British parents in Darussalam, Tanzania in 1964, Brother Green was educated at a Roman Catholic Monastic School called Ampleforth College and went on to study History in the London University. He grew increasingly disillusioned with the British educational system, which in his opinion was thoroughly Eurocentric, projecting world history in a manner suggesting that civilization reached its zenith in Europe. Having lived in Egypt proved pivotal. Being witness to some of the majestic ruins, he found the West’s interpretation of history totally deceptive. He then began a private study of histories of peoples of the world, including dissatisfied with Christianity from the age of eight, the crunch came when an Egyptian started questioning him. Despite his confusion about Christianity, he was still trying to defend it dogmatically. But he was completely stumped when he was led to accept that the God Christians worship died on the crucifix, laying to rest Christianity’s calm of an eternal and infinite God.

His search finally led him to the Holy Qur’an and upon studying it, was immediately attracted and convinced that it is indeed divine revelation. He embraced Islam in 1988 and of this he says “I BELIEVE ONLY ALLAH GUIDE ME, NONE ELSE”.

In Islam, he sees humility and intimacy with God, placing all worries before HIM, and Islam has given him a higher purpose of in life.

Active in da’awah work since 1988, Brother Green is kept very busy with speaking engagements the world over. He also participates in debates and has been a regular voice in Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, for many years now. He is arriving here right after his tour of duty in Australia and will be kept to a tight schedule.


Practising and Thinking Muslims (Event)

Practising and Thinking Muslims (Review)
15th April 2004

Being the first MPF function, albeit unofficially, the air was filled with anticipation as it got off to a promising start when guests started arriving as early as 7.00 pm. The registration tables saw an unabated flow of people as the ladies manning them performed some fine juggling to fit in many who requested last minute seats. A mini bazaar added to the air of festivity. Within the hour the hall was filled and more seats had to be made available as the crowd kept streaming in.

Brother Abdur Raheem Greene arrived promptly and after a brief welcome and introduction by Dr. Mazeni Alwi, MPF’s pro tem chairman, the evening was soon under way.

Brother Greene began by pronouncing the shahadah and declaring that the best speech is the book of Allah and the best way, the guidance of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). He warned against matters that have been newly introduced into Islam which lead to misguidance and ultimately straying away from the path of Allah.

Brother Greene then juxtaposed two extremes we find today. Those who dogmatically stick to traditions in Islam without authenticating their practices, and those who apply their intellect above and beyond the word of Allah, the Quran. In Islam, an extreme is whatever that takes us away from the basis of the religion, that which takes us away from the norm. And Islam is all about balance, taking the moderate path. The ultimate authenticity lies within the Holy Quran and the Prophet’s ways, as they constitute revelation from Allah. And Allah’s knowledge is infinitely superior to ours.

Although the intellect has to accept the superiority of the Quran and the Prophet’s ways, this doesn’t mean we have no use for it. We need it to comprehend Allah’s revelation in order to appreciate it and more importantly, implement it in our lives.

It was evident by then that the listeners were riveted to all that Brother Greene was conveying. As they say, you could’ve heard a pin drop.

“What is our point of reference as Muslims?” he asked. “We need to ask ourselves”.

Islam is a religion as relevant today as it was 1400 years ago, totally, completely applicable. The real Islam, stripped of its cultural baggage, innovations, false traditions, is that which was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). If you want to know what Islam is, it’s in the Quran, in our Prophet’s examples, in the stories of the companions. That’s our point of reference.

True Islam is a source of tranquility, a source of peace. It is what we can cling to during the most trying times.

Why do we only place great emphasis on the pursuit of worldly knowledge? We take great pains in ensuring quality education and spend years of our lives hunting it. We should rightly place greater emphasis on seeking authentic Islamic knowledge, as this is what we’ll be standing before Allah with.

Brother Greene concluded by saying

“It’s so simple. What agrees with the Quran and Sunnah is Islam, plain and simple. Everything has to be compared against that. Apply thinking to our deen. Take our deen as seriously as we do other things.”

After a lively question and answer session, where in part he spoke about the phenomenal growth of Islam, specifically in Britain and France, the evening was brought to an end. Brother Greene, however, was inundated with well wishers and more questions and it wasn’t until about an hour later that the last of the crowd left.

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, the evening was a success. Thank you to all who helped in any way and a big thank you to everyone who came and supported us in our first event. May Allah reward us all.